The WWE World War 3


During the 1990s, the WWE, then-called WWF, had plenty of competing franchises. You can visit 1xBet betting site if you want to wager on all competitions organized by the current WWE.


One of these competitors was World Championship Wrestling. Also known as WCW. As other wrestling franchises have done, it has also had many special events that fans were eagerly looking forward to watching. If you like these kinds of wrestling events, you can visit the 1xBet betting site and wager on all their possible outcomes.


One of these events was called World War 3. The reason why it received this name was because there were 60 wrestlers competing in 3 simultaneous rings. The event was held in a battle royal format, meaning that it was basically all vs all until one wrestler remained and was declared the winner.

Complete chaos

One of the reasons why World War 3 was so successful was because of its chaotic nature. The website allows you to wager on other battle royal wrestling competitions. The rules of these events can basically be described as follows:


  • prior to the start of the event, each wrestler was randomly assigned a ring;
  • for a wrestler to be eliminated, he had to completely leave his assigned ring;
  • when 10 wrestlers remained overall, all of them were moved to the central ring;
  • in later editions of the event, the wrestlers moved to the central ring when 20 wrestlers remained.


The 1xBet online bookmaker can also be wagered by all punters whenever these chaotic wrestling events are about to take place.

Three fantastic events

Three editions of World War 3 were held between 1995 and 1998. The winners of these instances were The Giant, Scott Hall and Kevin Nash. It should be noted that the winner of this contest qualified for the WCW World Heavyweight Championship. Making live bets only on is certainly a profitable way of wagering on some other important wrestling competitions of this kind. However, only one World War 3 winner was able to win the Championship, which was Kevin Nash.


In 2001, the WWE purchased some assets of the WCW, absorbing important parts of it. For this reason, the great World War 3 events can be watched even today on the different platforms that the WWE offers. If you like other events offered by the WWE, you should know that the best live bets on them can only be made on the 1xBet website.



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