Ingutsheni hit by food, water crises

Ingutsheni is the country’s largest referral mental health institution.

INGUTSHENI Hospital chief executive officer Nemache Mawere has said that the mental health institution is currently facing food and water crises and appealed for assistance from both government and well-wishers.

Mawere told Southern Eye that the challenges have been going on for some time, adding that they are sitting on a health time bomb due to a deteriorating sewer reticulation system.

“The challenges of food are still a big problem, they are never improving, but are persisting. We need all the help we can get as a mental institution,” Mawere said.

“Ever since the tour by the mayor (David Coltart) last year, nothing has been done to curb the water and ablution challenges. The drainage systems are still blocked and water is still a challenge for such a huge mental hospital in the country.” 

Coltart said he had tried to engage the hospital authorities, but is failing to get a response.

“After visiting Ingutsheni Hospital, I wrote to the superintendent offering assistance, but they haven’t responded. So, I am waiting for them to give me feedback. Once they do that, then we will see what needs to be done,” the mayor said.

In December last year, Coltart exposed the dire state at the mental institution, where there is also a critical shortage of psychotic disorder medicines.

Coltart added that council would prioritise Ingutsheni in terms of water supply, including sinking a borehole.

Mawere said the hospital’s borehole broke down, fuelling the current water crisis.

Ingutsheni is the country’s largest referral mental health institution.

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