Chitungwiza let me down: Former acting mayor

Former Chitungwiza councillor and acting mayor, Kiven Mutimbanyoka is eyeing the Harare East constituency on a Zanu PF ticket.

NewsDay correspondent Tatenda Kunaka (ND) caught up with former Chitungwiza councillor and acting mayor, Kiven Mutimbanyoka (KM), who is eyeing the Harare East constituency on a Zanu PF ticket.

A by-election will be held on April 27 where Mutimbanyoka will contest against Ropafadzo Cynthia Cheza, an independent candidate.

The seat fell vacant following the resignation of former Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) legislator Rusty Markham from Parliament after quitting the opposition party.

Below are excerpts from the interview.

ND: When the country held harmonised elections last year, you represented the ruling party as Zengeza East candidate. You are now contesting in Harare East. What influenced your shift to Harare East?

KM: I felt that the Chitungwiza people were not grateful enough. They did not appreciate me considering what I did for them as a councillor and acting mayor. They broke my heart. I decided to switch to Harare East, to start afresh.

The people of Harare East have shown their faith in me by choosing me to be their leader among other capable and reliable leaders.

ND: You are going into a new area and have a short period to campaign. What is your strategy, and how confident are you of victory since the seat has been in opposition hands since 2000.

KM: I have been staying in Harare East for more than 10 years now, although I have been doing my politics in Chitungwiza where I grew up. I am confident and bullish. Judging by the campaigns we have been conducting, it is going to be a resounding victory for Zanu PF and me.

The people know that opposition parties are not organised and have nothing to offer.

ND: Why should Harare East residents vote for you?

KM: I promise them good things and exciting times ahead. My track record as an acting mayor, speaks for itself. I am a professional businessperson by training.

I am not just going to be an ordinary legislator. I am going to contribute a lot. As Chitungwiza acting mayor, I achieved a lot, and will do the same in Harare East.

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