Residents associations call for peaceful polls

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THE Residents Association Coalition for Electoral Reforms (Racer) has called on government, its departments and agencies to embrace constitutionalism to ensure that the 2023 polls are credible.

Racer, a coalition of 42 rural and urban resident associations on Tuesday told journalists in Harare that elections are not an event, but a process that leads to the final day.

They said therefore, elections should follow the dictates of the Constitution.

Racer spokesperson Marvelous Khumalo bemoaned the current behaviour of civil servants who are forming various stables in support of President Emmerson Mnangagwa, which are labelled 4ED.

“We call upon members of the civil service to desist from pushing partisan political agendas which is in clear violation of the Constitution, which calls for civil servants not to act in a partisan manner and to further the interests of political parties,” Khumalo said. 

“Civil servants have always worked as polling officers before; and that cannot be ruled out for the 2023 polls.  But how are they going to be fair when they have already shown that they are for ED who is also going to be a candidate in the 2023 polls?”

Khumalo said the government should promote genuine electoral reforms and a peaceful political environment for the holding of free, fair and credible elections.

“Robust measures must be put in place to avoid contested election results at all costs through implementing genuine electoral reforms that will create a conducive environment for free, fair and credible elections.”

He said police must be impartial when dealing with cases of political violence.

Khumalo urged political leaders to openly condemn political violence, adding that the National Peace Reconciliation Commission (NPRC) must initiate peace processes amongst political parties. 

“The emergence of political violence, heightened political intolerance, and increase of political hate speech witnessed during the by-elections and ahead of 2023 elections is a major concern among residents’ associations. This seriously impacts on women participation in electoral processes both as voters and electoral candidates,” he said.


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