A call for entries to charity painting competition

In a wide-ranging interview with NewsDay Life & Style Rushambwa said the selected artworks would be showcased in Shanghai, China, from May 25 to 30.

PROGRAMMES manager for the China Zimbabwe Exchange Centre (CZEC), Donald Rushambwa has implored visual artists from all walks of life in Zimbabwe to take part in a painting competition titled African Charity Fundraiser Competition whose deadline is May 13.

In a wide-ranging interview with NewsDay Life & Style Rushambwa said the selected artworks would be showcased in Shanghai, China, from May 25 to 30.

“Painters should submit a canvas portrait of 80cm by 60cm on a selected theme of their choice from their portfolios that either address clean water and sanitation, wildlife protection, education, love for life and nature or Sino-Zim relationships.

“The winning and approved selected artists shall sign a licensing agreement for their work with CZEC,” Rushambwa explained.

The competition is a fundraiser whose proceeds shall be channelled towards charity organisations in Zimbabwe which spearhead community development projects.

“We observed that there are limited means of sourcing funds; as such we came up with a competition or facility whereby artists from the communities can seed their paintings towards community development and CZEC will exhibit them at the forthcoming African Charity Fundraiser Competition in Shanghai, China this May 25 to 30.

“The artists stand a chance of partaking in future invitations to China for their own exhibitions or cultural exchange programmes. Once the paintings are sold, an honest transaction will be channelled towards the home town or city or the artist’s place of choice for developing issues and concerns like borehole drilling, schools and road construction, housing development, scholarships, stationery supplies, wild life preservation, tree planting and community gardens.

“Our extensive marketing has in the past yielded business leads for the artists. As testimonies to this we have the likes of the late Antony Bumbira, Batsirai Muskwe and Hope Mafeko. The artists except for Bumhira have since chosen projects of their choice in their communities. The names of the artists who seed their artworks shall be inscribed on the walls of all the developmental projects which are funded through the proceeds from their artworks,” he clarified.

Rushambwa also revealed that their organisation is prioritising continued education and responsible citizenship for the artists and the youths.

“We need to increase the market share for the Zimbabwean creative work, while observing and being wary of patents and copyright protection. Our organisation is highly involved in youth activities that enable citizens who love their communities. Likewise artists shall receive further training in their various capacities,” he added.

Meanwhile, CZEC will be represented at the forthcoming China-Africa Expo in Kenya by its sister organisation Dream Building Supporting Association.


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