A day in the life of DJ King Her

 Affectionately known as DJ King Her, she is a bundle of multi-skills and professional.

BORN to a Japanese father and a Chinese-Zimbabwean mother, Natsumi Miyata — a disc jockey, television presenter and radio show host — is making strides in the country’s entertainment industry.

 Affectionately known as DJ King Her, she is a bundle of multi-skills and professional.

NewsDay Weekender caught up with the multi-talented disc jockey who shared her lifestyle away from pressing buttons and twisting knobs.


I attended Dominican Convent School, then continued my tertiary education in South Africa. I am a qualified graphic designer, quality assurance assistance in pharmaceuticals, television presenter, radio show host and disc jockey

Influence of local music in her upbringing

Growing up as an artistic and creative little girl I loved watching music shows on the Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation (ZBCtv). Watching shows such as Ezomgido taught me how to dance to Alick Macheso’s so called “borrowdale” and the famous dance from Simon Chimbetu. When I add these iconic and memorable dance moves to my work it is quite intriguing for many because of the appreciation I show when it comes to Zimbabwean music.

Activities to lose track of time

Music: I have been working on my extended play for the past 11 months which has allowed me to learn and explore the magnitude of influence that music has. Apart from indulging in music, I have been listening to a lot of podcast topics varying from self-development, ancient history and biographies of interesting mentors and influencers around the world. But if I want to be a little fancy, I love travelling, there is so much to learn and explore.

Go-to-cure for depressive episodes

Usually when I am feeling anxious or unsure, I pray a lot. I was raised in a Catholic home, so prayer is very important to me. Also on a lighter note, I cook healthy meals for myself because what you feed the body also feeds the mind. Great nutrients assist in chemical stability, creating longevity and productiveness and dealing with stressful situations.

Personal admiration

Now you have me tapping into my emotions, being able to constantly persevere. I am well-disciplined, punctual and I take a lot of pride in my work. It gets exhausting and hectic, but I always manage to pull myself back together and keep pushing. It is that inner strength and not submitting to the pressure of society.

I self-reflect every end of year, usually it has a lot of teary moments, laughter, clapping hands and ends with a pat on the back. I have had my fair share of challenges and I still have more to overcome, this is part of learning and growing. I have always had a go-getter mindset, very quiet but endless imagination.

Fashion taste

I love to dress fashionably and to be presentable. Clothing is a representation of your external personality and culture. I have my moments when I do like to show a more elegant side of myself and in other moments I like to experiment and work with fashion designers for a different collaborative foresight to wearing a piece for a specific occasion. I love to collaborate with upcoming innovative local fashion designers.


I journal often and it has helped me to learn more about myself and what keeps me happy. I have come to understand that happiness is being able to be content with yourself. We tend to overthink when we assume that there is a procedure, most of our joy stems from emotions that make us feel comfortable, but challenging situations make us feel uneasy.

Other talents

I am a musician. I put in work, I am very punctual, organised and professional. Professionally from shifting in graphic designing and marketing to quality assurance in the pharmaceutical industry, television and film production as well as presenting and hosting a radio show. All these various aspects have uniquely shaped who I am, professionally. I enjoy learning from various industries to see how I can apply and adapt to these qualities.

Experiences in gigs and clubs

Club residencies are much more intimate because I get to meet a lot of people for a brief moment, creating memories and experiences through birthday celebrations, night out with ladies and just good vibes. Music selection is much more commercial with a touch of individual flavour.


I want to leave a legacy built on a foundation of ongoing pioneers in the creative industry. I watched a podcast interview with Joe Rogan and Kevin Hart and he said: “The sun doesn’t stop shining”, that was just a simple quote, but carried so much inspirational weight. I would love to leave behind a well-structured platform for creatives to continue thriving, a culture, an academy and a testimony.

My ambition is to elevate the art of DJing to different heights beyond stage and music production. I have taken a lot of time preparing for the King Her Academy programme mentoring aspiring DJs from various age groups, including kids. I want to share my knowledge, support and skills to the next generation. I walk in faith with God, I know he has my plans covered.

Advice to fellow and aspiring creatives

Authenticity matters in what you are trying to showcase for your outcome. This is not defined by whether you are male or female. Life is challenging, but it is not always about the material value you bring, but the purpose you serve.

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