PRACA awards go beyond Pumula borders

The submission of artists’ works physically and online opens tomorrow until October 22.

ORGANISERS of the Pumula Royal Arts and Community Awards (PRACA) have set December 16 as the date for this year’s fourth edition of the awards ceremony.

The PRACA awards ceremony is a three-day event committed to promoting artistic excellence and community development within and in this year’s edition, beyond the borders of Pumula.

The submission of artists’ works physically and online opens tomorrow until October 22.

In a statement, awards founder and executive director Happy Mpofu said they were committed to promoting artistic excellence and community development.

“This year’s edition knows no boundaries. By broadening our scope, we aim to foster greater collaboration and exchange of ideas between artists and communities in and outside Pumula. We believe that this expansion will enrich the awards and further showcase the incredible talents that exist beyond our borders,” Mpofu said.

“Artists and individuals residing within and outside Pumula are invited to submit their work for consideration. Submissions for all categories will follow the same guidelines as the existing Pumula-based categories.”

He continued: “The fourth edition of Pumula Royal Arts and Community Awards introduces five core categories outside Pumula, which are, music, dance, film, poetry and Outstanding Youth in Community Engagement/Community Development.”

“The required submission details include, name of artist, group, association, gallery or production house, project involved, category one is for submitting date of creation, phone number, email address and location.”

Sharing the brief awards’ programme, Mpofu said: “The first day, December 14, will cater for a charity fun run, aimed at creating awareness for mental health and depression and other important social issues. The festival will also have a roadshow, with live performances, art exhibitions and interactive activities.

“The second day will host film screening and nominees, stakeholders, and partners’ dinner. This event provides an opportunity to screen films that highlight relevant social issues and, further bring together nominees, stakeholders and partners of the awards ceremony for a networking and appreciation dinner.”

Mpofu said the last day  would be the main awards ceremony.

“The last day is the highlight of the entire programme, where winners in various categories are announced and recognised for their outstanding contributions to arts and community development,” he added, while welcoming partnerships, sponsorships and any contributions which can assist them in making the event a success.

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