Mafunga son revives father’s legacy

Mafunga said his father taught them to preach the word of God wherever they went.

CHRIS MAFUNGA, the son of the late gospel music legend Davies, has taken a bold move in a bid to revive his father’s music legacy.

Before his father’s death in a road accident on July 4 at the 261-kilometre peg along the Harare-Bulawayo Highway, Chris was a keyboardist of the band. Now he is making an effort to fill the void left by the late veteran singer who was buried at his rural home in Mt Darwin.

In an interview with NewsDay Life & Style, Mafunga said he decided to do music to honour his father whose music he loved dearly.

“I have just decided to continue from where my father left. It was work in progress as I was still taking notes from the best when he died. I am now using what I was taught and there is still room to learn from other great musicians,” he said.

“My main purpose for continuing from where my father left is the need to preserve and not let the legacy he built die because he is no more. So, from the help he used to give me I just thought of being in music full-time now and continue spreading the word of God through music.”

Mafunga said his father taught them to preach the word of God wherever they went.

So far, he has released a single titled Handiende; composed with siblings Faith and Tinashe.

“Our latest song Handiende, has a message about asking God that if you don’t go with me I will not go, so my message is for us to put God first in everything we do,” he said.

Some of his father’s popular songs are: Vakaropafadzwa, Endai Naizvozvo, Kubata KwaMwari, Mufaro Wangu and Hapana Chinokona.

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