A drummer eager to groom new talent

Mudzana has played drums for a number of artistes as a session drummer and has also performed at international events.

MOTIVATIONAL author and drummer Tatenda Mudzana has committed to spare time and resources to nurture aspiring drummers at his Kingdom Drummers Academy in Harare.

Mudzana has played drums for a number of artistes as a session drummer and has also performed at international events.

In an interview with NewsDay Life & Style he said he wanted to groom drummers for the next generation.

“I sat down and gave it a deep thought that during the years I learnt to play drums there were no teachers for the instrument and we learnt the hard way. After learning how to play drums and succeeding despite the challenges, I then decided to give back to the kingdom of God by raising drummers for the church,” he noted.

Mudzana, whose resolution is to groom 50 drummers by the end of this year, said he was training 37 drummers at his academy.

“My goal is to try to fill the gap that no church would say they do not have a drummer, so I am using my own resources to train the drummers and when I am not available there are people standing in for me. The goal is not to be famous, but to be significant,” he noted.

“I might not be in the limelight as a drummer, but I am raising soon-to-be giants in the industry. I have three age groups that I am grooming, which are four to ... eight to 15 years.”

He said his main focus was on grooming primary to high school students even though adults, both males and females, are coming for the training.

“I am going to be remembered through the drummers I am raising, some are actually playing better than me for bigger churches through my inspiration,” he noted.

Away from the drums, Mudzana is the author of motivational book, Power of Starting, meant to inspire people to start with what they have. They Never Told Us, is his forthcoming book which talks about the other side of success which people do not normally talk about or want to hear.

“My book Power of Starting has done well and it was endorsed by top government officials and people from different nations including the United Kingdom, Zambia, Tanzania, United States and Botswana,” he said.

Mudzana said he played drums for artistes who include gospel singers Larry Gunda, Jonah Chivasa, Agatha Murudzwa, Uncle Sam, Shuramurove and Kuda Mutsvene.

Apart from playing for different churches such as Grace Family International Church, United Family International Church, Apostolic Faith Mission and Zimbabwe Assemblies of God Africa, he has also played on international stages.

He has performed at the International Youth Convention Southern Africa Development Community 2015, Zimbabwe International Trade Fair and at the Healing Jesus Campaign, an international crusade which was led by Bishop Dag Heward-Mills of Ghana.


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