3 Ways to Wake Up to Better Mornings

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With the hustle and bustle of our daily lives and all the responsibilities we have, it’s easy to believe that getting as much sleep as possible is the best way to go, especially since a lot of us don’t particularly enjoy early mornings. However, mornings don’t have to be as dreadful as they are if done properly. Here are some things that you can do to wake up feeling better!

Have a Healthy Breakfast

Not everyone is a breakfast person, and some people prefer not having any breakfast at all, but a healthy breakfast comes with a lot of benefits. When you’ve been sleeping for preferably for seven to eight hours, a healthy breakfast can supply your body with the much needed nutrients and energy that it uses up during the night.


Apart from replenishing your body’s glucose stores, science has also found that a healthy breakfast can help weight management and control by satisfying your hunger more frequently and lowering the chances of excessive caloric intake. By helping to manage your appetite more consistently throughout the day, it also helps your concentration, energy levels and brain performance.


A good breakfast also helps with lifting your mood, supporting your immune system, and satisfying your nutritional needs for the day, among many others. A healthy breakfast also doesn’t have to be too difficult or filling. Small and easy to prepare meals like oatmeal, some scrambled eggs or a smoothie can all help you reap these benefits, so think about that the next time you decide to just eat last night’s fast food takeout for breakfast.

Get a Workout In

Hearing that you have to exercise in the morning isn’t probably the best incentive to wake up in the morning, but there’s a reason that a lot of people swear by a morning workout. Any form of physical activity has already proven to have incredible health benefits like weight loss and management, improved cognitive function, better mood and energy levels and so much more, but all of these are maximized when a workout is done at the beginning of the day.


If you think about it, the improved brain performance and concentration caused by your workout will help you be much more productive throughout the day, and you’ll also have more energy and be in a better mood. Getting a sweat session in the morning will also help you make the most out of it, compared to when you do it at the end of the day when you’re already tired and worn out.


And instead of going about your day feeling completely lethargic and slow, the improved blood flow and circulation from the physical activity can help you feel more awake and alert right at the start of the day, while also raising your self-confidence in the process. You don’t even have to do anything too intense as long as you’re moving your body and getting a sweat in, so you really need nothing but a yoga mat to get started.

Have a Consistent Bedtime

As impossible as it might sound with all of the all nighters that you’ve had to make, going to bed and sleeping at around the same time every night can help you wake up more easily in the morning. This is because our bodies are programmed to follow a 24 hour cycle known as the circadian rhythm, and this rhythm naturally controls how alert or sleepy we feel.


Having a consistent bedtime helps the circadian rhythm settle more into a predictable routine that will ultimately lead to a better quality of sleep, as well as an easier time waking up. And as the circadian rhythm also controls the processes that our bodies go through during sleep, there are some serious health risks that come with defying it.


Science has found that not sleeping at the same time every night can lead to high blood pressure, diabetes, weight gain, heart problems and much more. We often forget that sleep is a very important part of a healthy lifestyle because it’s the only time that our bodies can really restore itself and make sure that everything is running smoothly. When you follow your own circadian rhythms, you’ll find that you can wake up much more easily and much more happily.


If you find yourself having a hard time sleeping at night, there are some ways to make your environment much more comfortable. Anyone living in a disruptive neighborhood with loud noises and bright lights can easily purchase a sleeping mask and some great ear plugs to tune everything out. For those who find it difficult to breathe with the air conditioner on, a humidifier can return some moisture back into the air and help you breathe more easily.


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