AVC extends footprint in agric sector

AGRI Value Chain (AVC)

AGRI Value Chain (AVC) says it has invested millions of dollars in agricultural production and value addition as it looks to turn around the agricultural sector in the country.

The company is currently running an out grower sunflower scheme on 100 000 hectares where rural farmers receive free sunflower seed. AVC, a subsidiary of Parrogate group  also has a fertilizer distribution programmer targeted at commercial farmers.

AVC chairman, Pradyum Kumar Ganediwal told Standard business on the side-lines of the commissioning of a manufacturing plant in  Chegutu  last the company has invested well over US$150 million in the agro-processing project.

“The (farmers) repayment rate has been satisfactory giving us the will to continue with the project. Besides, we are an agricultural supporting company. The moment we create value we are creating value for everyone in terms of opportunities. Most of our projects are based on import substitution rather than exports,” he said.

Ganediwal said the fertiliser supply project was meant to ensure full support for the agricultural sector.

He added that the group’s aim was to satisfy the local market first before looking at exports

“ We have a fertilizer blending plant in Harare and we are supplying fertilizer to a lot of famers we are also giving them on credit when they harvest. Apart from fertilizer we also do all the agrochemicals so we make inputs for the agricultural sector this is again on a commercial basis,” said  Ganediwal

“You have the silo along the Seke Road; it is the storage for the grain that is produced. We also have milling companies in Workington at Parrogate, Superpower is the brand. We also have  Sunshine and Pure Oil as well as Zimgold brands. We want to add value to the agricultural products and that is what we are bent on at the moment.”

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